The Democratic Debate was a Dystopian Nightmare

Sasha Stone
4 min readFeb 20, 2020


Start with this: from The New York Times to Twitter, the main criticism against Michael Bloomberg is that he has made billions. That is somehow a crime on the Left now. Throughout my life, I have only seen people elected to the presidency by selling the promise for a better life. Bloomberg was raised by a middle class family. He used his smarts to build a business. He was successful at it, just like Bill Gates or Kylie Jenner. And yet, it is accepted truth that this is now considered a crime. Even though Bloomberg not only spent almost a billion helping to flip the House in 2018, but his commitment to fight climate change surpasses anyone else’s on that stage. You’d never know that from how that night went. In fact, you’d think he was Donald Trump himself.

Elizabeth Warren is doing so badly in the polls that Twitter has tried to artificially boost her status with hashtags and high fives after her vicious attacks against all of her rivals last night. One expects she was trying to stand out, as Trump did in the 2016 GOP primary where he destroyed all of his competitors. But the problem is — she’s a woman. Women can’t get away with that. She has her male supporters, for sure, but that strategy is far too confrontational for the broader coalition. After last night, just as when Kamala Harris showed too much anger, she will be hated. But worse, anything she can be Bernie can be better, which is why he’s rising in the polls and she isn’t. Warren doesn’t have it. Sorry to say, but selfie lines and zingers at Bloomberg ain’t gonna cut it.

Trump’s approval rate is hovering at a steady 49% on Gallup, his best ever. Democrats did themselves no favors by largely coming off as vicious and hateful, lacking in compassion and empathy. Most of us don’t like bullies. While Twitter, Facebook and the MSM that feeds off those sites seem to like that, for most of us, we feel badly to see someone attacked. I suspect that is why Trump is doing better than anyone could imagine. Our attacks against him, whether justified or not, are backfiring. It is all noise.

I was greatly disappointed in the Democrats last night. The whole thing appears to be helping just Bernie Sanders, who will go up against Donald Trump in the season finale of the Trump Show. Bernie’s selling hard core socialism and has not even admitted he would accept anyone fairly getting the nomination with enough delegates. That means he and his supporters will Bern it all down if he isn’t the chosen one.

The Stop and Frisk criticisms of Bloomberg are fair. Even the sexual harassment criticisms are fair. But the Democrats and the hive minds that follow them can’t just stop there. They have to annihilate him completely. He is now commonly referred to as a “racist” and a “sexist.” There never seems to be any sort of deeper conversation about it. Those ad hominem attacks fly off the shelves on Twitter. And suddenly it becomes fact. So now the Democrats feel comfortable selling the delusion that Bloomberg is “as bad” as Trump.

Worse, attacks against Trump as an actual racist now seems like yet one more waft of hot hair in a bubble of mass hysteria because everyone is a racist. Biden, Pete and now Bloomberg. Here a racist, there a racist, everywhere a racist racist.

Fuck the climate, right? FUCK THE CLIMATE. Because who cares. If none of them can win, we’re at a tipping point and we likely can’t turn back. The GOP has won. They’ve taken everything, ripped through everything, dismantled everything, and all we have is desperate Elizabeth Warren, whose narcissism was revealed at last in her bitterness that she could not triumph in a crowded primary. So she has to take everyone, including any Democrat who can actually beat Trump (Bernie can’t) with her. What a shame. What a dystopian nightmare.

But hitting at him because he happened to make a lot of money is not just damaging to the Democrats but it goes against everything this country has, up until now, stood for. It is as though Bernie popularity has convinced Democrats that Americans are ready to abandon patriotism and the American dream and swap it out for the Scandinavian dream.

But that, too, will send them back to Trump. Ask yourself if you or anyone you know wouldn’t want to trade places with Mike Bloomberg. If you had billions of dollars to stop Donald Trump, fight for climate change, donate to Democrats to flip the House, wouldn’t you want to? If you knew none of the Democrats could win but you might have a shot at it, wouldn’t you want to?

No, instead Democrats are making the case that they want to take their chances with the losing side. As usual.

And that’s why last night’s debate was a dystopian nightmare. With Biden and Bloomberg, Pete and Amy destroyed, and Elizabeth Warren helping Trump with her attacks on the others, all roads lead back to Bernie — and that road only leads back to Trump.