The Best Way to Fight Climate Change — Hit Corporations with Global Boycotts that Bring Economic Systems to their Knees

Welcome to the war — the war that we’re each able to fight and help win.

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But nothing — and I mean nothing — will get governments and corporations to listen like massive, well organized global boycotts.

You can get people who plunder the planet to stop and listen when you prevent them from making money.

Here’s the good news about that: in a Capitalist society the consumer rules.

Nothing gets sold when buyers balk. We stand up and prove that we can resist the hard sell. We stop getting hooked whenever we stop taking the bait. So we hit them where it hurts. We break the cycle of ads that create the demand that pays for the ads. We stop increasing supply when we reduce demand. That’s the only thing that can scare corporatrions into action. It will scare the government into action because they’ll be afraid of an economic collapse. All it takes is a little organizing and now we know that it’s possible. We know from seeing the effect of nationwide marches, from product boycotts that convince companies to stop paying the bills for TV racists.

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