Ellen DeGeneres and our Civil War of Ideology that Democrats are Losing

Ellen DeGeneres sat next to George W. Bush and half of the world lost its mind. Okay, so it wasn’t even half. It wasn’t even close to half. It wasn’t even the left. It wasn’t even close to most of the left. It was a small group of fave hungry people with nothing better to do than use social media to start yet another wave of mass hysteria. Every day the firing squad demands a new target. Someone has to be dragged out into the public square and forced to confess, sinner, confess! And by that, I mean — forced to apologize so that the mob will calm down. Or else defy the mob and just move on with their lives, knowing that they are going to lose a portion of their audience because yes, Virginia, people really just that stupid.

Does it not matter to her detractors that Ellen DeGeneres is one of America’s most warmhearted and generous philanthropists?

51 charities & foundations supported by Ellen DeGeneres:

Ellen DeGeneres is a national treasure. How many of those who want to pillory her for being amicable to an ex-president have donated to a fraction of these important worthy causes?

We have to get a grip. We have to stop the madness. This can’t be who we are. If it is, not only are we going to lose in 2020 to Trump — again — but we stand to lose much more than that: the moral high ground, or any high ground. Because if Ellen DeGeneres sitting next to George W. Bush at a football game is THAT big of a deal? Who in their right mind would trust us to lead?

Oh sure, the usual patterns ensued — a few very high status tweeters used the moment to bring up the tragic disaster of Iraq. There always has to be a victim — or several hundred thousand — to use as justification for dehumanization. In this case it was, as so many invoked, the “Iraqi people!”

As though we, as American voters who had a crucial choice to make in 2000 and we fumbled it, weren’t somehow complicit in that war. As though we aren’t part of the country that elected George W. Bush twice, as though we don’t use the ill-gotten oil. It was a terrible, horrifying war, but like Vietnam we are all part of it, and thus, complicit because we’re Americans. Until you renounce your citizenship and move out of this country, you ARE part of this country and thus, you can’t simply blame George W. Bush or worse, Ellen DeGeneres for sitting next to him. So folks are mad about his LGBTQ policies and that means Ellen is not supposed be his friend and that means thousands of people can spend the day shitting on Ellen JUST BECAUSE WE’RE MAD!

They bring up the Supreme Court now and how rights are being threatened. Well YEAH. That was why so many people were screaming about it in 2016. We KNEW what was going to happen if Trump was elected. Republicans made no secret about their long-range plans. They were going to have the power to shape the court for the next 30 years. And guess who didn’t stop it? WE DIDN’T because as usual we were undone by our need for purity. Hillary’s Wall Street speeches were attacked by both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Pick a side, folks. You want the Supreme Court or do you want purity in the Oval Office?

And so now here we are again, as easily undone by our own purity standards as we’ve always been. Joe Biden’s son got a job in the Ukraine that wasn’t illegal but it just LOOKS BAD. So Trump, as he did in 2016, doesn’t have to overtly attack Joe Biden. All he has to do is turn the left against Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, which was very easy to do.

Now he will run against Elizabeth Warren and he isn’t afraid of her. He knows he can beat her pretty easily among white working class men whose misogyny is hidden behind the anonymity of the voting booth. Warren is going to be pushing for extremely progressive policies — pulling way too far to the left during what many think is a good economy. Her only play is Trump’s corruption. Remember how Hillary couldn’t even use Trump’s sexual assault charges against him because Steve Bannon dragged out Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick? Because sabotaging the Democrats is like shooting fish in a barrel. We are easy marks. Why, because we seek perfection and purity and never even think about strategy.

Why is this happening? Why can’t we get a grip? Because we are undone by ourselves. When Barack Obama became our leader he gave America a taste of a kind of Utopia. It was not unlike the Puritans building their own Utopia in Salem. They were afraid of the Devil’s influence and they began to lose control of their own sense of themselves. They turned on each other. On our side, we need social media to scratch that itch, to use one person to suffer for our collective sins. And it’s always low hanging fruit, people we KNOW we can hurt. People on our side! We need a support system, not to be ripping each other apart. If you’re going to be “mad” at Ellen for being friends with W. Bush then you are going to have a very long list of people others are allowed and not allowed to associate with.

The truth of it is, none of it matters. It is just a way for people to virtue signal on social media and get a certain amount of likes for the day. It ends there because in a few days a new so-called controversy explodes. We are destroying ourselves. And the other side will benefit from it.

If we’re going after people like Ellen DeGeneres for sitting next to George W. Bush at a football game, what in god’s name are people going to think about us? Do you think they want to put us in charge? HELL NO. We are becoming intolerable bullies who attack a woman whose entire message is: be kind.

Get a grip, Democrats, before it is too late. Who are we?